2004.5-2010 Duramax Tune Single File to DSP5 File Update

  • Model: 2004.5-2010_ST-DSP5_PAID_UPDATE
  • Manufactured by: Ridge Runner Diesel Performance

Starting at: $100.00

2004.5 thru 2010 LLY, LBZ, LMM Duramax V2 and Autocal Emailed Tune Updates.

NOTE : You must have a linked Autocal from us in order to receive any tuning for Autocals

Existing customers may use this update only, for any "NEW CUSTOMERS" please use our other tuning options.

Custom Tunes configured for your specific vehicle modifications and your tune selections, just use our simple menu to configure your order and submit it to us and we will email your custom tunes back to you within 3 business days..

Ridge Runner Diesel Performance will get your Duramax Diesel performing to its full potential whether it is a stock truck with few mods or a dedicated race truck or sled puller or even a powerful street driven truck.

Ridge Runner Diesel has been at the forefront of Duramax Diesel tuning for over 10 years, Ridge Runner Diesel is an industry leader and has been providing tuning for stock trucks, tow vehicles, daily drivers, street driven highly modified trucks and dedicated race trucks and sled pullers since 2006.

We also offer Kodiak and Topkick 4500 and 5500 tuning support.

Please allow up to 3 business days for yor request to be processed or you can select an option to Expedite your request for an update to same day or next business day.

NOTE : We do not offer any "LOPE" or "SMOKE" Tunes

or any specific "Fuel Economy" tunes or "High Idle" tunes

Please Choose:

Deadlines for Expedited Request

Single Tune to DSP5 Update

Tune Selections - Pick 5 Only

Other Vehicle Modifications

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