About Ridge Runner Diesel Performance

Ridge Runner Diesel Performance was founded in April, 2006 by owner and tuner Tony Martino.

Originally accepted on the EFI-Live Beta Team as one of the first Beta Testers of EFI-Live Diesel tuning in the fall of 2005, Tony Martino & Ridge Runner Diesel has provided continued support for EFI-Live as a beta tester for Diesel Programming for all of the Duramax Models since 2005 up to and including the current 2015.5 LML Model.

From in truck test flashing the original LB7 Cal Flash Process and later the Full Flash OS Conversion, DSP2 and DSP5 Conversions on LB7's and LLY's and then the subsequent LBZ and LMM models for DSP2 and DSP5 we were there for it all.

When the upgrade of the original V1 to the current V2 Flashscan was rolled out to support current CAN Based Models we were there to test with EFI-LIve, we have proudly been part of the enormous growth of the industry since the very beginning.

Ridge Runner Diesel is well known for tuning many top performing trucks, one of which was "Nasty Girl" an LB7, twin turbo'd truck built in the Spring of 2006 and made the first 1000+ RWHP dyno pull on any Duramax at the time, this was the catalyst that helped propel Ridge Runner Diesel to the top of list for well known and respected Diesel Tuners and we have enjoyed continued support and success since tuning that very first 1000+ RWHP LB7.

Over the last 10 years we have tuned many more custom builds all over the USA and Canada.

As a company we started tuning our first and very own LB7 Crew Cab in 2005 and completed our first "CAL FLASH" in 2005 on our own personal shop truck, as we enter our 10th year in business we have a proven record of top running street trucks, daily drivers, weekend racers and pullers and top performing/all out dedicated race trucks and sled pullers.

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