2011 - 2016 LML Autocal 6+1 Pick Pack

  • Model: E86AB_ACV2_6+1_PICK_PACK
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: Ridge Runner Diesel Performance

Starting at: $999.00

2011 - 2016 LML Autocal Emailed Tuning - Pick Pack of Single Tunes

You pick your 6 custom tunes plus a 100% Stock File is included

EFI-Live Autocal is a powerful handheld flash tuner, code reader, diagnostic device allowing the user to read and clear codes, data log their truck to identify and diagnose problems or to allow the tuner to fine tune the set-up remotely.

The Autocal allows the user to receive emailed tuning eliminating the need to send an ecm back and forth for changes, emailed tunes can be sent for any changes large or small from tire size changes, larger injectors, larger single turbos or twin turbo's, transmission tuning, there is no limit to what can be changed with emailed tuning.

The Autocal comes with a single VIN License which allows the user to program their engine computer and transmission computer, in addition the Autocal can tune up to eight vehicles in total by purchasing additional VIN Licenses and emailed tune files.

Ridge Runner Diesel Performance will get your Duramax Diesel performing to its full potential whether it is a stock truck with few mods or a dedicated race truck or sled puller or even a powerful street driven truck.

Ridge Runner Diesel has been at the forefront of Duramax Diesel tuning for over 10 years, Ridge Runner Diesel is an industry leader and has been providing tuning for stock trucks, tow vehicles, daily drivers, street driven highly modified trucks and dedicated race trucks and sled pullers since 2006.

LML and LGH  A50 or T87 Transmission Tuning Available Click Here:

Emailed Custom Trans Tuning


NOTE : We do not offer any "LOPE" or "SMOKE" Tunes

or any specific "Fuel Economy" tunes or "High Idle" tunes

Please Choose:

Duramax Engine

Please Choose Injection Pump

Select CP4 or CP3

Tune Selections Pick 6 Tunes

Idle Selection

Other Vehicle Modifications

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